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Remote Access (Self Hosted Cloud)

MyQuickCloud combines remote desktop with application sharing capabilities.
Create your company’s own cloud
Add users, create virtual desktops and publish applications on it.
Access virtual desktops from any device, anywhere via your cloud.
Collaborate & share applications
Work as a team together on shared applications, regardless of location.
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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Multi-Desktop Hosting
Nothing local, everything remote. Multiple users from multiple places
Centralized Data Management
Put your files on your remote server for easy access and collaboration by all
Application Hosting
We can install 3rd party importers, connectors and software that integrate with your QuickBooks system
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What our clients say:

Brian W. Audiometrics (CA)

"The Vedivi Customer Service has been unbelievable and they have resolved ALL of our issues and additional requirements within minutes."


Stephen D, Market Street Capital (SC)

“Vedivi support gave me personally a nice example/reminder of how to respond to clients needs!
Good work!”


Debbie W., Copy Systems Business Center (FL)

“Improved my business practice, updating QuickBooks straight from the source”

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